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Dave Kaczynski, 
About The Wild Side Of Vermont


The Wild Side of Vermont was started back in 1992.  It became Dave Kaczynski's goal to spend time in the wilderness teaching his young children about all the benefits  the "Wild Side" has to offer. It quickly went from hobby to obsession. This fact can be confirmed by just about anybody that knows or has been gathering with Dave.

He soon began to provide local restaurants and merchants with a wide variety of edible greens, roots, tubers, fruits, nuts ,and of course wild mushrooms. 

We seek out and gather everything from Morels to Maitake's. From the first hint of leeks and fiddleheads in the spring, to the half frozen late fall oysters. 

With our many years of experience in the wildcrafting business we offer our expertise in land evaluation and assessment to any folks who are interested. With our guidance, you can find out what kinds of wild edibles are growing on your property. For a fee the assessment involves a three season visit to the property, evaluation, and concise report.  If you are interested you can always "take a walk with the Wild Side"

The "Wild Side Of Vermont" is family-owned, and our main operation is based in Hardwick, Vermont. Other Wildcrafters may offer similar services, but we are dedicated to holding education and sustainability as our main priority. We honor traditional collecting techniques and minimal environmental impact as our most important priority. With that in mind, we always guarantee to deliver the highest quality wild edibles and mushrooms available in season.

Updated Schedule 
For Spring 2019

Capital City Farmers Market
60 State Street, Montpelier
Saturday Mornings 9:00-1:00

Guy and Dave enjoy "Record Morel Find"

Chef Dumas with his hand on some beauties